Monday, 3 October 2011

Film Information (Background and Synopsis)

This short fiction was originally based on possibly the ‘most famous poem from the Castilian language’, Soledades by Gongora. In its traditional form, this piece of Latin American literature uses dreams and tales, where daily life merges reality with imagination.

The short fiction was filmed on the Chiloe Island, off the coast of Chile, during the Christmas and New Year of 1993. Raul used to say that Chiloe is a ‘magic land of goblins and phantom ships where its inhabitants have told tales, over and over again, for generations.’ Raul remembered that his grandfather used to say that ‘Chiloe is the land where you can see pink dogs hanging from trees’.

The short fiction was filmed as planned but the ‘goblins’ plotted against the filmed material which led to a third of the negatives becoming exposed before reaching their destination in Paris. With the film material that was possible to save, Raul rethought the content of the story and with the help of some friends, technicians and actors, he filmed additional sequences in his apartment in Paris and end up with what cinema experts consider a ‘little cinematographic jewel’.

A few weeks later, after the film negative was developed, it was lost for eight long years in a computerised vault of a British film laboratory. Well, its Gongora, Chiloe, Raul, the ‘goblins’, enough ingredients for this magnificent fiction, directed by one of the most prestigious film directors in the world.

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